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  • Pay a Property Tax Bill with Cash on myCabCo plus-icon minus-icon

        In just a few steps, pay your property tax bill with cash at a local retail store using myCaboCo. To make a cash payment: Your payment amount must be between $10 and $999 You must be paying a current 2023 tax bill or an overdue tax bill Foll...
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  • Pay a property tax bill plus-icon minus-icon

    Property tax bills are due January 5th (or next business day) of the calendar year following the tax bill year. To pay a Cabarrus County Property Tax bill online, follow the directions below:   1. To begin, visit myCabCo or download the iOS or And...
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  • Pay multiple tax bills at one time plus-icon minus-icon

    myCabCo users can pay multiple Cabarrus County property tax bills at in one transactions by following the steps below:   1. To begin, visit myCabCo or download the iOS or Android mobile app, and sign in or create an account (see Create a myCabCo p...
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  • Can I make a partial payment? plus-icon minus-icon

    Yes! So long as the bill is eligible to be payed online, you can make a partial payment towards your property tax bill on myCabCo. After locating your account (see Pay a property tax bill) proceed through the steps and add the item to your cart. F...
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  • Can I schedule a payment? plus-icon minus-icon

    So long as the bill is not delinquent, you can schedule a future payment for your property tax bill on myCabCo. To schedule a payment on myCabCo, follow the directions below: Note: The payment date must be prior to January 5th (or next business ...
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  • Why are some bills missing from my property account? plus-icon minus-icon

    Certain bills are unpayable due to their current status. We do not accept online payment for these bills. Please contact the Cabarrus County Tax Collections Office for more information regarding your account at (704) 920-2119 or taxinfo@cabarrusc...
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